The Perfect Match: Dresses To Suit Your Shape

wedding dresses to suit your shape
Emma Draper

By Emma Draper

23 January 2024

So many women spend a lot of time thinking about their perfect wedding dress, and then the moment finally comes to try on the dress of their dreams… and it just isn’t as flattering as they hoped! Fear not, this is perfectly normal I can assure you! I mean, it’s not like we wear formal, full-length, mermaid style dresses to go about our daily business, so we just don’t have the years of trial and error we’ve had with say the perfect jeans, to find out which bridal gowns suit and flatter our body shape.

Given that this is a topic which all brides consider on the lead up to trying wedding dresses for the first time, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you, the main shapes of wedding gown and those which are particularly flattering for which body type to highlight and show off your most fabulous assets.



A timeless, incredibly popular wedding gown with a fitted bodice that flows into an A-line skirt.

A perfect match with: Just about everyone, this shape flatters and flows effortlessly over most body shapes. Particularly great for brides with hips wider than their shoulders to help balance their shape.

Not such a perfect match for:  Brides looking to show off their shape more and wanting a gown which is fitted over the hips. Although with its universally flattering shape I would suggest everyone give this style a try if they’re open to different shapes.

Sassi Holford Isla


A full skirt with fitted bodice and cinches at the natural waist.

A perfect match with: Pear shapes (reduces the emphasis on the hips), boyish figure (creates a defined waist) and a fuller bust (creates a balance between hips and bust).

Not such a perfect match for: Petite brides as a fuller skirt may swamp a more petite frame.

Savannah Miller Danielle


Fabulously form-fitting, a mermaid skirt is a slim, tapered and curve-hugging skirt following the line of the hips and thighs, and flares out around the knee.

A perfect match with: Hourglass and curvy figures, showing off their natural assets.

Not such a perfect match for: Anyone conscious of their hips and wanting to detract from this area.

Made with Love Ollie


Stunningly simple, this dress follows the body’s natural line, is form-fitting and emphasises curves.

A perfect match with: Slender figures and shorter brides, as the slim shape adds length. If you’re tall, your long legs will be an asset you’ll be keen to show off too!

Not such a perfect match for: Pear shapes or curvy shapes may want to avoid a column shape as the straight up and down style may disguise your tiny waist and emphasise a curvier lower half.

Made with love lily



One of the most flattering necklines, formed by two straight edges that meet a point to form a V-shape. It could be a demure higher V for those not wanting to show too much cleavage or deeply plunging for added sass!

A perfect match with: Pear shapes and those with a small bust as it highlights a delicate décolletage. Thick straps or a V-neck work wonderfully well with a straight or athletic body shape. A V-neck also enhances your cleavage as demonstrated with the incredibly stunning Auldyn gown from & For Love

Not such a perfect match for: Any bride who likes to be covered up in this area. A V-neck is, however, universally flattering, it is just about finding the right depth of V to suit you!

And for love Audlyn


As the name suggests, a neckline in the shape of a square. A fun, retro style that is quickly growing momentum in bridal fashion houses.

A perfect match with:  A flattering option for those with short necks or narrow shoulders, curvy hips and large busts or anyone wanting to draw attention to their collar bones.

Not such a perfect match for: Rectangular body shapes may feel this neckline is too boxy. Similarly, it is best avoided by those with a square-shaped face as the look will be too angular.

Made with love Hunter


Made famous by Meghan Windsor née Markle, a wide and slightly curved neckline that passes past the collarbone to delicately sit just below or at the top of the shoulder.

A perfect match with: A particularly good neckline for a smaller bust since its shape creates the illusion of a bigger bust. The wider neckline shows off a delicate collarbone without being too revealing and beautifully enhances an elegant, long neck.  Best worn without a necklace so it isn’t competing with the neckline.

Not such a perfect match for: Not ideal if you have a short or wider neck.

Sassi Holford Bryony


A high and wide neckline that finishes at the base of the neck gently sweeping the collarbone with no décolletage or cleavage exposure.

A perfect match with: Those looking for a modest gown or those with a smaller chest.

Mis-match with: A fuller bust, as this neckline can make you look top-heavy.

Lola Varma Augustine


This neckline dips in the front, creating an outline that resembles the top of a heart shape.

A perfect match with: This neckline style is ideal for accentuating cleavage as seen here with Made with Love’s beautiful Posie gown.

Not such a perfect match for: Strapless, sweetheart necklines aren’t ideal for larger chests and provide less support, unless the gown is heavily boned and has an in-built corset. Straps can however be added for extra support.

Made with love Posie


A modern scoop neckline has straps of varying thickness which exposes the décolletage but doesn’t show too much cleavage.

A perfect match with: This open neckline is perfect for women with a bigger bust.

Not such a perfect match for: A long torso, as the shape will elongate the body further making you look out of balance.

Sassi Holford Ella


A sheer panel of fabric (typically lace, tulle or organza) that extends upwards from the bodice to form a barely there, higher ‘illusion’ neckline.

A perfect match with: Anyone! Illusion is a great way to go for a more revealing neckline such as sweetheart, V-neck or strapless but with subtle coverage.

Not such a perfect match for: Brides looking for a lower neckline.

Sassi Holford India


A dress that leaves the back bare or covered with an illusion fabric such as lace or organza.

A perfect match with: A beautifully toned back, this is a fabulous way to show off some skin in a sexy yet demure way.

Not such a perfect match for: Anyone needing extra support of a bra or those wanting to cover up on their big day.

Made with Love Valley


This is a neckline where the fabric hangs in draped folds below the collarbone, often unstructured and relaxed.

A perfect match with: Smaller busted ladies as this style adds volume and definition. A cowl can also help camouflage a larger chest.

Not such a perfect match for: Those with bigger busts and a shorter, wider neck might find this neckline less flattering. It can also be difficult style to wear with a bra, so one to avoid if you need extra support.

Savannah Miller Giselle


Held up by a strap around the neck, bodices with a halter neck often have higher necklines and lower backs.

A perfect match with: Those with toned shoulders and a long, graceful neck. It is also perfect for those wanting to wear their hair up.

Not such a perfect match for: Broad shoulders as this style can make you look broader.

Made with Love Grayson


Long sleeves

Increasingly popular, long sleeves provide cover and warmth as well as being a style statement. Whether loose, fitted or puffed, satin or lace, long sleeves are a bold feature.

A perfect match with: Broader shoulders or those looking to cover up their arms. Vivian from Sassi Holford is a stunning example!

Not such a perfect match for: Those perhaps getting married in the middle of summer or in a hot climate, you may get a little warm!

Sassi Holford Vivian

Off the shoulder/Drop sleeves

Drop sleeves hang loosely off the shoulder and provide design detail rather than any support.

A perfect match with: This ethereal and romantic style is perfect for brides with a delicate décolletage who want to show off some skin in a modest way, or if they are conscious of the tops of their arms.

Not such a perfect match for: Those who don’t want to be constricted by sleeves as they can limit arm movement slightly.

Savannah Miller Fleur

Bell sleeves

This is a full sleeve creating a fullness that is both flattering and wow-worthy.

A perfect match with: Anyone wanting to make a statement! Works especially well on taller brides who have the height to carry off this style.

Not such a perfect match for: This look can overwhelm more petite brides.

Sassi Holford Phoebe

Puff sleeves

Sleeves that are gathered at the shoulders and caught in at the cuff to create an inflated, puffy effect.

A perfect match with: Triangle figures looking to balance their silhouette by accentuating the shoulders or hourglass shapes who want to emphasise their waist even more.

Not such a perfect match for: Broad shoulders as this style will make them appear wider.

Sassi Holford Bronte

Detachable Sleeves

A growing trend, detachable sleeves are a removable element that allow you to change up your look. Sleeves can be long sleeved, cuffed, fitted or puffed. Can be attached to your dress or simply just worn on the arm to give the illusion it’s a part of the dress.

A perfect match with: Anyone looking to make a statement, make the dress their own or rock different looks during their wedding day.

Not such a perfect match for: Those who don’t want the added fuss of a sleeve and want to draw attention to other aspects of their dress.

Made with love pippa winter


A dress often reinforced by an internal corset without shoulders or straps.

A perfect match with: A smaller bust and toned shoulders.

Not such a perfect match for: A fuller bust as you may need a dress that offers more support, unless the bodice is heavily corseted/structured.


I hope this post has given you all the the reassurance that your perfect dress is out there, just waiting to make you feel like a million dollars!

When you book a wedding dress appointment at LOVE, you will be assisted by one of our trained stylists, with lots of experience in helping brides choose dresses that flatter and enhance their natural assets. All you need to do is email and we’d LOVE to help find you the dress of your dreams!